Valentine’s Day Beard Guide: Prep Your Beard for Your V-Day Date


Have big date night plans for Valentine's Day? Whether you've got a first date lined up for V-Day, or a 500th date, a little getting ready will show your special someone you care. (Flowers help too!) 

Of course, when you rock a beard, date night requires a bit more effort to get ready. You can't just throw on a shirt and walk out the door. On date night (and especially on an occasion as special as Valentine's Day), your beard needs a little attention. 

Fortunately, getting your beard ready for a big date doesn't require too much time. Even if you've only got 20 minutes before your date, you can make your beard look awesome. Looking for some quick and easy Valentine's Day grooming advice? Follow these helpful hints for a softer, shinier and better-smelling beard that your date will absolutely love: 

1. Give It a Quick Trim

You don’t want to show up to your date with an unkempt mess on your face. You’ll make a terrible first impression, and might ruin the date before you even order drinks. 

That’s why a quick trim with quality barber scissors is so important. It’ll keep lengths even, blend patchy spots, and ensure all the lines are clean. 

One tip: Trim your beard 2-3 days before your date. This will give you a little time to “grow” into the trim. But remember, a trim is better late than never. If you have to do it 20 minutes before you walk out the door, that’s better than rocking an untamed mess.

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2. Soften and Condition Your Beard

For the ladies, a bristly beard can be a major turnoff. Fortunately, you can tame your wiry beard with a few must-have products: A specially formulated beard wash and a beard conditioner (or beard balm).

Here's how beard wash and conditioner help. Beard shampoo washes away any dirt and/or microbes, while freshening your beard. In other words, after using beard wash, your beard will smell great and be clean for your V-Day date! Conditioner, on the other hand, is the perfect complement for a beard wash. Conditioner (or a beard balm), locks in moisture and seals the hair, which will leave your beard shinier, softer, and less frizzy.

Bottom line: We hope your pre-date plan includes a shower, and if it does, you should absolutely wash your beard. Just make sure you’re using the right products. 

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3. Brush It Back

A wash and condition will soften and moisturize. But there’s another post-shower grooming step for taming and softening your beard: A quick brush.

Brushing your beard after a shower does two things. First, a quality beard brush will allow you to comb your beard down. This prevents it from looking poofy and uncombed. And second, your beard brush helps exfoliate, distribute conditioner and beard oil, and prevent tangles. 

Bottom line, your brush helps soften the hair, makes it a little shinier (by distributing oil) and keeps the poof and frizz down.

4. Make It Smell Good

The last step before you walk out the door: Add a dash of beard oil to give your beard a manly aroma. This is hands-down one of the most important steps. Beard oil gives your beard a nice, healthy-looking sheen, while adding a blast of fragrance.

From a sweet and creamy vanilla-infused scent, to a woodsy and burly cedar or sandalwood aroma, beard oil will is a must before you walk out the door on Valentine’s Day.

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