9 Awesome Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s face it: Buying a gift for dad isn’t always easy. How can you find something that shows you care, but also something that dad will love?

Finding the best Dad's Day gift is especially difficult, if you’ve waited until the last minute. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We've counted down nine of the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts. From wine- and beer-of-the-month clubs, to top-notch beard kits and bundles, there's a gift idea here to suit every taste.

So, don’t fret if you don’t have a Father’s Day gift yet. Use this guide for some inspiration, and wow your pops on his special day! 

1. Beard Grooming Kit

Whether your Old Man has a “dad beard” or could win a beard grooming award, a beard kit makes a useful and fun gift. A few options: Choose a beard oil and balm pack to help dad keep his beard moisturized, smelling great, and with more natural sheen.

Or if dad’s beard hasn’t seen a pair of scissors for years, a full-on beard grooming kit is even better. Try our Ultimate Beard Grooming Set, which includes all the tools and products dad will need to make his beard look amazing: Barber-grade scissors, beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo and a quality beard brush.

2. “Of-the-Month” Club Membership

This is the gift that keeps on giving -- a membership to a monthly subscription box. And don't worry. No need to make a long-term commitment. Usually you can send a one-month sample or test run a three-month trial.

One option: Try a fishing lure box and help your dad catch his next trophy bass. There are so many incredible clubs for dad: Craft beer boxes, BBQ sauce clubs and wine clubs to name a few.

3. Dad-Friendly Gadgets

Is your dad tech-savvy? If yes, get him the latest gadget. A fitness tracker is great for active dads. Or consider a hands-free personal assistant like the Amazon Echo, if your dad is a multi-tasker.

Another option: If dad travels a lot, or could use a little peace and quiet, noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect gift.

4. Grilling Kit

Does your dad park himself near the grill at every summer barbecue? Well, you can’t go wrong with some gifts for the family grill master.  A couple of choices:

  • BBQ sauce or BBQ rub packs
  • Grilling tools
  • A personalized apron
  • Grilling planks
  • Smoker gift set

5. Frame a Photo

Have a photo of you and your dad that speaks a thousand words? Immortalize it! There are dozens of companies that will print that picture on just about everything – from photo prints on mugs and T-shirts, to wooden panels (for a more rustic look).

If you want to DIY your gift, think about printing your own. Most drug stores have photo-printing stations that put out high-quality larger prints for cheap. Then, just frame the photo yourself and you’ve got an amazing gift!

6. Mail-Order Meats

On Mother’s Day, you might send chocolate-covered strawberries. But Father’s Day requires a delivery that’s a little more manly. Why not send some steaks or bacon or meat!?!

An Omaha Steaks package is always a great gift, and they have options for every budget. But there’s just really tons of amazing choices. Send your dad a box of: Maine Lobster, Brooklyn pastrami or bacon treats.

7. Home Brewing Kit

Maybe dad has always talked about brewing his own beer, or he could be the type that likes DIY projects. Either way, a home brew kit is perfect. Most kits include everything dad would need to make his first batch of beer. If this seems like a little too much work for pops, consider a personalized growler for a craft beer connoisseur.

8. Yard Games

Is your dad the competitive type? Considering Father’s Day falls in June, get him a game that will get him outdoors. One option: Get dad a cornhole set. A set personalized with his favorite sports team or alma mater is great.

Or pick up your favorite giant dice game. You’ll get a bucket and large dice, and you can play Yahtzee, Farkle or Cootie on the lawn.

9. Go Homemade

You don’t have to shell out the dough to impress dad. A homemade gift is perfect for showing you care. If you’re on a budget, consider upcycling an old wooden pallet, and transforming it into a birdhouse, toolbox, or planter box.

You could also: Lend your time to dad. Help him with a big project around the house. Or take dad out for a round of golf.

Show Dad You Care This Father’s Day

Sure, Father’s Day might be less than a week away, but you still have plenty of time to pick out something special. Just be sure to expedite shipping and you’ll get it there no problem.

If you’re still considering a beard kit or bundle, Beard Reverence has everything your dad could need. From our four-pack of premium beard oils, to our Ultimate Grooming Set, we’ve got you covered.