How to Trim Your Beard: A Quick and Easy Beard Trimming Guide

You’ve been growing your beard for a few months. And it’s starting to look a bit mangy. It's probably time for a trim! Need some help? Here's some easy-to-follow beard trimming advice. 

Growing a beard is easy. Trimming a beard, on the other hand, requires a bit of expertise. If you're a newly bearded dude, you probably have a few questions about beard trimming. You might be wondering: 

What tools do I need? How do I trim a long beard? What length should I trim my beard to? Do I need to trim while I'm growing my beard out? 

The list goes on and on.

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. Once you get the hang of it, beard trimming is quick and easy, and soon you’ll be able to do it in the blink of an eye. Need a little help? This handy beard trimming guide will answer any questions you have. (Also, be sure to read our Beard Grooming Tips guide for additional helpful hints.) 

What Tools Do I Need for Beard Trimming?

The key to a successful trim is having the right tools. Without a pair of high-quality barber scissors, for example, you’ll be doing more harm than good. And beardcare products - like oils and balms - are essential for styling, freshening and softening your beard.

Here are five beard trimming tools and beardcare products you’ll need:

  1. Beard BrushA beard brush is designed for your coarse beard hair. And it's absolutely essential for brushing out - and poofing up - your beard before you start trimming. Brushing against the grain will get your beard ready for a trim. 
  2. Beard CombA comb will help you avoid over-trimming your beard. Use your comb to create an edge for your scissor cuts. 
  3. Barber ScissorsProfessional-quality barber scissors are a must-have item in your arsenal. For beard trimming, they’re much more precise than clippers and, god forbide, paper scissors.
  4. Beard Oil and Balm Oils and balms should be a part of your post-trimming ritual. They help freshen, soften and shape your beard. Plus, they moisturize your skin, which eliminates dandruff and dry, itchy skin. (Also read: What Is Beard Oil?)
  5. Quality Clippers – When it comes to beard trimming, barber scissors will be your go-to weapon. Clippers, though, can be useful for trimming your neckline and cheeks, as well as clipping bulk from your beard.

How to Trim Your Beard: Follow These 5 Steps

Once you’ve got the right tools, you're ready to start trimming. Follow these steps to get your beard looking orderly again: 

1. Brush It Out

Brush your beard out, going against the grain. This will "poof out" your beard and make it easier to trim.

2. Use Your Comb for Length

Afraid you’ll lop off too much beard? Use your comb for a more uniform cut. Comb into your beard, leaving just the length of beard you want to trim on the outside of the comb.  Then, trim against the comb with your barber scissors to keep everything the same length.

3. Tidy Up Your Neck and Cheeks

Use a straight razor or clippers to clean up your neckline and cheeks. Clippers are best if you have lots of neck hair to remove, but always finish with a straight razor.  

4. Trim Your Moustache Properly

Use your beard comb to comb out your moustache. Then use a pair of scissors to trim around the edges, followed by a trim for length.

5. Finish with Beard Oil

A dab of beard oil is essential after a trim. Oil moisturizes the skin and alleviates beard itch. Plus, it conditions the coarse beard hair and helps to soften it. Beard balms are also useful for conditioning facial hair.  

Beard Trimming FAQ

Still have questions about trimming your beard? Here are some quick answers to common beard trimming questions:

  1. Should I Trim My Beard While Growing It?

Absolutely! Not every hair grows at the same length, and eventually things will start looking unkempt. Regular maintenance solves this problem. Trim your beard every 1-2 weeks to prevent your beard from looking like a bird’s nest.  

  1. What’s the Best Beard Style for Me?

Choose a beard style that matches the shape of your face. For example, if you have a square jawline, let your beard grow fuller on the chin but shorter elsewhere. This accentuates your jawline. A rounder face looks best with a beard that’s fuller on the bottom.

  1. What Length Should I Trim My Beard To?

The length you choose depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve. But here’s a rule of thumb: If you just want a uniform length, consider chopping off at least a quarter inch every time you trim.

  1. Should I Trim My Beard When Its Wet or Dry?

Trim your beard when it’s dry. Your beard is longer and softer when wet. That’s why, if you go to trim it when it's wet, you might trim off more than you want part with.

  1. Do I Use Beard Oil Before or After?

Beard oils are powerful moisturizers. That’s why you should be using a quality oil every day. But wait until you’ve trimmed your beard to apply oil. Your skin and beard will be most receptive to oils after a trim.

  1. Does Trimming a Beard Make It Grow Faster?

Nope! The old wives’ tale about trimming resulting in a thicker, darker beard isn’t true. With regular trimming, though, your beard will be healthier, which may, in fact, help it grow in fuller and thicker.  

 Alright! Now you're ready to start trimming. But before you get started, make stock up on all the best beardcare products. Beard Reverence is your source for high-quality beard oils, balms, grooming tools and beard grooming kits