8 Ideas to Decorate Your Beard for the Holidays

Looking for some ideas for dressing up for a holiday party? Forget the ugly sweaters and Christmas tuxedos. With a dash of glitter, some dye, or a couple of ornaments, your beard will be the talk of the office Christmas party.

Fortunately, Beard Reverence is here to help you bling your beard for the holidays. From a glitter-bombed beard, to a classic Santa Claus look, these are some of the best holiday beard decorating ideas for you.

But first, we’ve got the best holiday gift ideas for the bearded gentlemen in your lives.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Bearded Dudes

Dyes, glitter and ornaments aren’t enough to cover up a mangy beard. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, be sure you have everything you need to take care of your mane. These are some always-handy gift ideas for your bearded friends:  

  • A Beard Grooming Kit. Our Ultimate Beard Grooming Set –makes the perfect gift! It has everything you’ll need to take care of your beard, including barber scissors, beard oil, a brush, comb and a handy carrying case.  
  • Get Yourself Some Beard Oil. A daily dab of beard oil freshens and moisturizes your face ‘fro. If there’s one essential to beard grooming, it’s using oil. Our Beard Oil Variety Pack is a must for any bearded gentleman.  
  • Don’t Forget the Beard Balm. A dab of beard balm is one of the best natural conditioners for your beard. It’ll make your beard softer and give it a natural sheen. Our Beard Oil & Beard Balm kit makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Need some help with all your new beard grooming accessories? Read our beard trimming guide for some helpful hints.  

Holiday Beard Decorating Ideas

Be the talk of your next Christmas party with these 8 ideas:

1. Go with Glitter

Beard glitter is great for nearly any occasion, but at the holidays, it’s a must. It’s relatively easy, low-cost, and it will transform your beard into a shimmering, Christmas-y showpiece. Green, red or gold glitter looks best!  

How to Do It: Apply a quarter-sized dab of beard oil evenly throughout your beard. Then, add glitter (it clings to the oil). A spritz of hairspray is the last step to hold everything in place.


2. Add a Pine Fresh Scent

This might not be the showiest of beard decorations, but a dash of pine or cedar beard oil adds some holiday cheer to a Christmas ensemble. 

How to Do It: Try our Tree Homage or Cedar Honor beard oils. Both have smooth, classic scents that will match a holiday look.

3. Decorate with Ornaments 

A few holiday seasons ago beard ornaments were a big hit! These days, you’ll find dozens of low-cost ornament sets for your beard. But if you're feeling crafty, you can DIY your own beard ornaments. 

How to Do It: Find some lightweight plastic bulbs, and replace the hooks with mini claw hair clips. Then, you’re all set! Just clip them in place and your beard will start turning heads. 

4. Try a Mistletoe Mustache

This look is the perfect conversation starter! All you need is a sprig of fake mistletoe and you’re good to go. This is a must if you're headed to a holiday party with friends.

How to Do It: Glue a hair clip to the back of the mistletoe, and clip it into place over your mustache.

5. Light It Up

Some flashing X-mas lights brighten up any beard. Fortunately, there are tons of amazing low-cost options available. For this look, all you’ll need is a small, battery-operated light string and a few clips.

How to Do It: Choose a light string with a lightweight battery pack. Then, string the light strand around your beard however you please and use some alligator clips to hold it in place.

6. Go Full Santa

Santa Claus might be the world’s most famous bearded guy, and if you have a full, long beard, this is the look for you. Fortunately, giving yourself a Santa beard isn’t too difficult. All you need is some white dye, some Santa glasses, and of course, a red hat.

How to Do It: Use some white dye to color your beard. If it’s long enough, throw in some curlers for a more authentic look. Just be sure you have the attire to match!

7. Turn Your Beard Into a Wreath

Pick up some evergreen leaves, some holly berries, a pine cone or two, and you’ve got everything you need to make a beard wreath. If you have a longer beard, you can even shape it into a circular shape with a hole in the middle.

How to Do It: Create a background with some green dye. Then add all the wreath fix-ins, like holly berries, pine cones, evergreen leaves and brunches of pine needles. A splash of Tree Homage beard oil is a must, as well.

8. Add Some Candy Canes

Lots of people hang candy canes in their Christmas trees. Why not hang some in your beard? It’s super easy to pull off, and wherever you go, you’ll have candy canes to pass out to friends.

How to Do It: Use your beard brush to fluff your beard and make it bushier. Small candy canes will sit right in your beard.  

Find all your holiday beard gifts at Beard Reverence. From holiday beard oil packs, to beard grooming kits, we've got all the perfect gifts for the bearded guys in your life.