14 Fashionable Beard Styles for 2020

Looking for a new look for your beard in 2020? A lot of guys think the best solution is to shave it all off and start from scratch. But that’s a waste of all the hard work you put in growing and grooming your beard.

A better solution: Try out a new beard style. You can alter your beard's shape, clean up the lines or trim your beard to a different length for an all-new look.

Need some beard styling inspiration? Whether you’re just starting to grow a beard, or you haven’t trimmed in 12 months, these 14 beard styles can help you refresh your look and start off the new decade in style. 

1. Au Naturel 

This low-maintenance style – popularized by Keanu Reeves – looks effortless. If you don’t have tons of time for beard trimming or you're struggling to grow a thick beard, it might just be the perfect fit for you. 

How to Trim It: For a perfect au naturel beard, just let your beard come in naturally – patches and all. Keep the sides and front trimmed fairly tight and leave the neckline unshaven. That’s it. This look is super simple.

2. Rounded Beard

A little bit of shape can instantly transform your messy beard into a fashion statement. And one of the easiest shapes to pull off is the rounded bottom. Rounding the bottom edge will give your beard a cleaner, more refined look, and it's a classic look that fits just about anyone. 

How to Trim It: Use a pair of quality barber scissors to round off the bottom edge. Start at the corners and cut an arch that peaks under the chin. Length is a matter of preference; keep it as long as you like. 

3. Faded Beard 

The fade is one of the oldest barber techniques, but only recently, has it been used to style beards. Today, it's being used more and more and it's one of the most popular looks. Essentially, the faded beard naturally blends the beard into the skin, giving you a clean, crisp edge. It's up to you how you'd like to style it. The fade can start as high or as low as you prefer.

How to Trim It: Find a good barber. Pulling off a clean fade is no easy task. It’s best to leave the job to a pro.

4. Lined Up

If you like clean lines, you’ll love this beard style. The lined up beard is all about the geometry: Clean cheek and jaw lines add some dapper flair to your face ‘fro.

How to Trim It: Use a pair of clippers to etch the lines along the cheek and jaw, and along the back edge. Then, use a straight razor on the cheeks and neck to really set those lines off.

5. Extended Goatee

Want the full beard look, but with a little less maintenance? An extended goatee might be just the right fit. This classic style features a full goatee that tails back to the corner of the jaw. That’s why it’s sometimes called a tailback beard.

How to Trim It: Lose the sideburns and shave down to just the bottom edge of the beard. A full, thick goatee looks best.  

6. Close-Cut Beard

Need a look that you can wear to the office? Consider a short beard (which is sometimes called the "corporate beard"). Clean lines and a tight trim give this style a well-kept, professional look.

How to Trim It: Use your barber scissors to trim your beard for length, especially if it’s longer. Clippers might be necessary to give things a uniform length. Use a dab of beard oil to add sheen and a fresh scent. 

7. Verdi Beard

We have Giuseppe Verdi, the Italian opera composer, to thank for this timeless beard style. Today, it’s worn by celebrities and athletes like Conor McGregor and Pierce Brosnon. The Verdi is similar to a full beard. Yet, the key differences are the mustache, which floats above the beard, the goatee, which is usually trimmed to include a soul patch.

How to Trim It: Start by lowering the cheek line with your clippers. The result should be a wide chinstrap. Then, use your clippers to define the soul patch and to create space between the beard and mustache. Finally, use your barber scissors to trim the mustache, then style it with mustache wax.   

8. Boxed Beard

This shorter, refined look features a boxy bottom edge, and it’s perfect for the man about town. Typically, the beard is narrower, and the top line sits closer to the jaw. As a rule, the boxed beard is neatly trimmed and isn't too long.

How to Trim It: You can sculpt the cheek line using clippers. Just below the ear, the cheek line angles to the top of the chin, with the jaw line running parallel. Then, use your clippers or barber scissors to trim for a uniform length.

9. Full Beard

This classic look suits anyone. The only drawback: Depending on how fast your beard grows, it can take some to grow in. In general, a full beard is thicker and has more natural edges. Plus, it doesn't require much maintenance. Beard balm helps to keep it soft, while a beard brush is essential for straightening. 

How to Trim It: Use a beard brush or comb to train the hair to grow in the same direction. A pair of barber-grade scissors are also useful for keeping length in check.

10. Garibaldi 

Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi is best known for unifying Italy in the 19th Century. But many remember him, as well, for his burly beard. This full, thick beard features a bushy mustache, pronounced mutton chops, and a broad, rounded bottom edge. 

How to Trim It: The Garibaldi doesn't require much in the way of maintenance. To keep it in check, use barber scissors to trim for length, and beard oil is essential for moisturizing. 

11. Yeard

The "yeard" or year-old beard is just what it sounds like. Twelve months of untended growth. It's not so much as a style, as it is a lifestyle. Just remember to use a quality beard wash to keep it fresh.

How to Trim It: All you need is patience. Just let this bad boy go for the rest of the year.

12. Beardstache 

Want to add some interest to your stubble? Consider the beardstache. This is essentially a full mustache matched with a close-cropped stubble beard. The result is a somewhat messy look that makes a statement. 

How to Trim It: Use your clippers with a low guard to get that classic stubble look. And you can leave the neckline unkempt. Style the mustache however you see fit.

13. Chin Strap + Goatee 

This style perfectly walks the line between goatee and beard, and it's perfect for accentuating the jawline. Basically it's a full goatee plus a narrow chin-strap beard that's kept to a fairly short length. 

How to Trim It: Leave just a narrow strip along the jaw and sideburns, and let your goatee grow in fully. 

14. Groomed Stubble 

If you're not ready to commit to a full beard, consider this easy keeper. It's a bit longer than the 5 o'clock shadow, but still isn't established enough to be considered a short beard. 

How to Trim It: Use your clippers every few days to maintain the stubble.

What Beard Style Are You Ready to Wear? 

It's a challenge to narrow beard styles down to such a short list. There are just so many different looks out there. Think we missed a beard style that should absolutely be on this list? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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