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For centuries, esteemed cultures of sophistication sought sandalwood beard balms to revere their noble beards and underlying skin. Beard Reverence refines recipes of yore with Sandalwood Idol, a swarthy sandalwood beard balm made with all-natural ingredients to style and nourish all varieties of facial hair for a thicker, healthier, softer beard. Combined with moisturizing oil of jojoba, Sandalwood Idol beard balm enrichens the skin and beard down to the roots by sealing in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.     

In nature, sandalwoods fill the forest with a tantalizingly smooth and creamy aroma that is also slightly sweet, making sandalwood the ultimate beard balm scent for a subtle finish. Sandalwood is the best beard balm scent because it is enticing, but not overpowering – two traits of a true gentleman. Now you can pay homage to your beard with the best sandalwood beard balm scent available, Sandalwood Idol.

Benefits: Optimal beard styling, enhanced beard health

How to use beard balm:
  • Place approximately a half-thumb's worth of balm in the palm of your hand 
  • Rub your hands together until the balm is soft and oily 
  • Starting from the neck, work the balm up and into your towel-dried beard. 
  • Get deep into the roots and skin, and then work your way through the beard
  • Finish styling in a downward motion with your hands, brush, and/or comb

Sandalwood Idol Beard Balm Ingredients:

Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sandalwood Oil

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