Everything You Need to Know to Do Movember Right

Every November, gents around the world let their beards and mustaches grow long. Although it seems they’re adding some facial hair to get ready for winter, a lot are actually raising cash for men’s health issues.

You might have heard of it. It’s called Movember – not to be confused with No-Shave November – and the campaign encourages dudes everywhere to grow beastly mustaches during the month of November.     

Think you might want to get involved? Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

What Is Movember?

Movember was founded by two Australians in 2003 over a beer. The two guys - Travis Garone and Luke Slattery - were talking about how mustaches had fallen out of fashion, and joked that they were going to bring it back. 

That first year, they found 30 friends who were willing to join them, and grow a mustache during the month of November and donate $10 to men's health causes.

And with that, the movement was born! 

The next year, Movember grew rapidly in Australia, generating nearly $50,000 AUD for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and since then, the movement caught on outside of Australia.

To date, more than 6 million have participated since 2003, including about 400,000 last year, and in 2019, the Movember Foundation raised more than $82 million worldwide to support a variety of men’s health charities.   

I Want to Grow a Mo’ for Movember

The rules to participate in Movember are pretty simple. On November 1, shave your face clean. And then, let your mo’ grow until November 30.

In addition, participants are encouraged to raise awareness of men’s health issues, raise funds or donate in support of the campaign.

Not sure you want a mustache? No worries. Here are some other ways to support Movember:

  • Move for Movember – Run or walk 60 miles during November
  • Host a Mo-Ment – Rally a crew for an in-person or virtual event
  • Mo Your Own Way – Whether you want to hike up a mountain, or complete a triathlon, choose how you want to move

Aren’t Movember and No-Shave November the Same Thing?

Movember is the reason you’re noticing more mustaches in November, but the extra-scruffy beards, those are for another reason entirely.

No-Shave November is very similar to Movember, and that’s a big reason for the confusion. Both campaigns involve facial hair challenges and raising money for men’s health.

The big difference: No-Shave November encourages dudes to shave clean on November 1, but instead of a mustache, participants are encouraged to go au natural.

This year, the campaign is going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you want to raise funds, sign up at no-shave.org, where you can create your personal fundraising page.

Movember: All the Supplies You Need

Whether you’re going mustache or full face ‘fro, don’t forget to stock up on all your facial hair grooming supplies. Here are some must-have products:

  • Beard OilIf you’ll be no-shaving in November, you need beard oil. Beard oil moistures and repairs your skin, it prevents beard itch and keeps your beard smelling fresh. It’s great for mustaches too! Try this four-pack of beard oils; plenty for the whole month.
  • Beard WashKeep your beard or ‘stache moisturized and clean with specially formulated beard wash.
  • Barber ScissorsAlthough you’re supposed to let it grow in November, a trim might be helpful, especially if you’ve got work Zoom calls or Thanksgiving with grandma. A heavy-duty beard comb is helpful too.
  • Moustache Wax – Pick up some mustache wax to give your mo’ a quick style.

Good luck with your November beard challenges! Just remember to stock up on all your beard grooming products with Beard Reverence.

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